Close-Up, Strolling Magic, Mix and Mingle... call it what you like.  Julie and Mike can perform from one small group to another, sharing their incredible feats of Modern Trickery, inches away from the spectators. 

Extremely popular during pre-dinner drinks, cocktail parties or pre-show...  you will see close-up and interactive magic at its very best - the kind of Magic that people always remember & talk about.

The ideal entertainment for Corporate events, Hotels, Weddings, Parties

" The closer you are - The more Incredible it seems."

 You will see your banknote change, and float in the air.  Your signed card will be torn up into small pieces &  restored before your very eyes.   You only need to think of a card and they will read your mind!

   Having performed their magic in The Houses of Parliament, for the Bank of England, Woburn Abbey and the Hilton Hotel they are well experienced in pleasing all who see their show. 


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