More and more couples are looking for different ideas to make their wedding stand out from the crowd.  So after the cake’s been cut, why not treat your guests (and yourself) to a Magic Show for a truly unique wedding.

     So often, when the wedding dinner and speeches are over, the music starts, but most guests find it too early to start dancing.  Now is the time to wow the audience with a self-contained Magic Show that will get everyone amazed, laughing and entertained.  
It is primarily aimed at adults, but the kids will also love it.

  • Close-up mix and mingle.
  • A 30/45 / 60-minute show.
  • Or both - Close-up and a show.
VANS plus EVANS have been providing this type of entertainment for many years and have found it to be extremely ideal for Wedding Receptions.   The show includes fast-paced magical routines, many performed to music, as well as lots of audience participation, giving your guests a chance to be a part of the show.

Having recently performed their magic in The Houses of Parliament, for the Bank of England,  Woburn Abbey and the Hilton Hotel they are well experienced in pleasing all who see their show.  
     Why not find out if they are available for your Wedding Reception.   Contact them for a chat and quotation

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